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Artemisia Afra is a highly aromatic shrub that is used to treat common ailments such as coughs, colds and sinusitis. Research confirms that Artemisia Afra is highly effective as a natural prophylaxis and treatment for malaria, and other conditions. It is believed to heal and prevent Covid-19.

Each package contains 60 capsules.



For malaria prevention, the first dose of Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisa must be taken a day before entering and 3 days after leaving a malaria area. For the duration of the stay in a malaria area, the dose is as follows:

Adults: 2 capsules daily
Children who weigh less than 45kg: 1 capsule daily
Children who weigh less than 15kg: ½ capsule daily

Nordman Artemisia Anti-malaria 60 capsules

SKU: 0006
  • Nordman Anti-Malaria Artemisia
    is made from organically grown Artemisia plants that have been compressed into safe capsules,
    each with 400mg of dried Artemisia.

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