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Breast Termography

Radiation free, pain free and non invasive

… ultra-sensitive infrared camera to detect, analyze, and produce high-resolution diagnostic images of  temperature and vascular changes in the breast. Changes can be identified by differentials in the temperature and blood vessels of the breasts. 

This could indicate signs of possible pre-cancerous or cancer cell growth which can be detected as early as 8-10 years prior to being discovered using any other procedures.

 This provides for the earliest detection of cancer possible.

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Only Breast Thermography...

• ...can detect signs of a developing cancer up to 10 years before any other   examination.

• ...can identify women at higher risk for breast cancer

• ...can be performed on younger women, under 40 – who currently have no method of screening

• ...can signal a hormonal imbalance in the breasts

Before you can feel it ...  Thermal Imaging can see it!

For further information:

For appointments phone: 011-972 1542


Consultation fee R600

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